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  1. Cool! Weird as it sounds, I’m actually an introvert – so things like this are pretty intimidating to me. But when I push myself to participate, I actually end up meeting a whole bunch of interesting people. [Or sometimes, I just feel awkward for 2 hours, but hey, that’s OK too.]

    Thankfully, sounds like your experience was the former. And, you taught me the name of a a technique that I’ve used for years: Pomodoro! [In fact, my Mom kinda taught us this technique as kids. Smart lady!]

    • Haha, Holly, from your blog I would never have guessed you were an introvert! Doing something like this is really not in my nature, but I thought that (1) I had nothing to lose and (2) I better start practising at being social to prevent my solo trip from being just me and my lonesome for months on end!

      I had never come across the Pomodoro Method before, but yes, definitely sounds useful! Clever mum indeed.

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