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  1. Rob @hungry escapades

    Snap! We are pretty much going with the same gadgets, just a different version of the Lumix. I too want to use travel to disconnect, but when I do reconnect there is nothing better than a Mac product for a gadget geek 🙂

  2. Londoner Kate

    I am looking forward to your travel as much as you are I think! Mainly because its exactly what ill be doing myself! I am exactly the same. In London I’m always carting around my MacBook Air and rarely spend longer than 5 minuteswithout my phone in my hand thus making me the most anti social person on the planet. I look forward to travelling and relying on common sense rather than google maps, conversation in people over whatsapp etc..
    The SD posting is a great idea! Ill worry about my media on the move!

  3. Charlie

    Yep, part of the reason I can’t wait to travel is I can’t wait to not be behind a screen 24/7! I think this is a reasonable amount of tech to travel with. We’ll be bringing not far off the same (just x2 for two people), although our second camera is pretty heavy (0.8kg) so contemplating switching to something lighter. No checked luggage?! I’m impressed you can pack so light! Wish I could do that!

    • That’s the plan – check back in in about a month’s time to see if I have managed to succeed in the no check in luggage challenge! 😉

      Yes, it is the conundrum – do you bring a hi-spec camera and have to put up with lugging it around on your trip? Or do you sacrifice some photo quality for more baggage space!

  4. I totally support your gadget choices – especially the computer. When we did our long trip, we brought 1 computer and 1 iPad…and regretted it pretty much the whole time. The iPad was cumbersome for exactly the 2 reasons you identify: Blogging was a pain, and lots of the hotel/flight reservation websites were either painful or woefully incompatible with the iPad platform. Bring the computer!

    You may also want to see if you can borrow ebooks from your local library…we actually borrowed a lot of travel guides for the Kindle – saved us having the lug around lots of books and the like.

    Nowadays…I don’t travel without my computer. After our experience 2 years ago, coupled with the fact that my work basically requires that I have internet access and access to my training materials, I always bring it along. Before we moved, I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X230, which is the best compromise between small & usable that I’ve ever owned. I actually adore it. We are almost attached at the hip! 🙂

    • Sofie Couwenbergh

      I agree about the tablet. I don’t have an iPad but a Google Nexus 7. I bought it because it takes up less space than a laptop or netbook and is lighter, but when it comes to blogging or anything that involves typing more than one phrase, it’s a bit a pain in the ass. I could get a portable keyboardn thought…
      I ALWAYS travel with my smartphone as it’s so many things in ones. I’ll bring the laptop when I’m sure there aren’t any computers where I’m going and when the length of my trip requires it.

      • Yes, I did think about a bluetooth keyboard. However, the problem with the iPad (and I don’t know if it’s the same on the Nexus) is that you can’t really run more than 2 apps simultaneously without having to go to “Home” each time. You also can’t really run two tabs in the browser at once, which just kills me!

        • Sofie Couwenbergh

          I don’t know what the max amount is, but I can definitely run more than two apps at a time without hitting ‘Home’. The nexus has a button that allows you to scroll through all the apps you recently opened, without closing the one you are in at that moment. So I can temporarily leave my email to check facebook, read the news or do a google search.

        • Rebekka

          I currently have about ten tabs on the browser open on my iPad – not sure what you’re talking about! And you can definitely run multiple apps without going “home” in between. Google iPad shortcuts.

          • Yes but is it not the case that if you run one browser tab and open another, the first stops loading? And if you go back to it, it tries to reload again?

            With the running of multiple apps, you have to press the home button (either once or twice) and then select the other app no? You can’t just swipe to access the rest of your open apps? Unless I’m missing something here…

    • Have to say that I’m not a big fan of looking up reference books on the Kindle (mine is quite small and not in colour). Especially maps…which I’m really going to need to use a lot as I’m terrible with navigation! I guess it’s always possible to get maps from tourist centres and the like, but for whatever reason, I feel more comforted having a solid book in hand when I’m travelling on my own (thoughts of being by myself, in the middle of nowhere with no battery on my Kindle would constantly plague me!).

      What I have done for now is to borrow travel guides from the library while I wait for the latest edition of the Australia Lonely Planet to be released. 😛

      • After about 2 weeks, we realized the best thing to do was always, always stop at the visitor’s center/i-site/whatever it’s called locally when we first arrived in a new spot. There, we could grab a map and info on anything local we wanted to book/see/do – one-stop-shopping. A lot of times, such places also had WiFi. 🙂

        We used the paper travel books (also from library) for planning purposes, but once we hit the road, we used the ebook for referencing places to go/eat/see, usually going off a note we had made from the paper copy.

        But ultimately, you’ve gotta do what works for you!

        • Yes, I remember reading about the i-sites from your other blog and made a mental note of it. Really handy tip, especially now that I know they also have WiFi haha!

  5. hena tayeb

    My camera and my phone.. and my laptop comes along depending on where we are going and how long the trip is.. else I just use my husbands..

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