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  1. Charlie

    Super useful info! I really need to start thinking about what vaccinations we need to get for our trip (I hear some you need to get quite in advance). I’m hoping to get most of them in the weeks before we leave though to get them on the NHS rather than here in Canada. We’re definitely planning to get Malaria pills on the road though, they’re a fraction of the price in Asia.

    • Yep definitely with you on this one. Why pay when you can get it on the NHS for free! I think it’s mostly Hep A that you need to think about if you need to get all 3 jabs. Good call with the malaria tablets – that’s what I’m leaning towards as well as they cost A LOT in the UK!!

  2. eemusings (NZMuse)

    We actually never got around to having our shots done (something I will blog about eventually). Wasn’t really worried about Europe or the US, but was a little concerned about Asia. We stuck to main cities though, were careful about what we ate and drank etc and had no problems. (Bugs also love me but we encountered surprisingly few mozzies – mostly on the islands in Thailand. Weirdly, no mozzies in Malaysia – my family in KL all said the mozzies seem to be disappearing…)

    • Yes, I do sometimes wonder about what vaccinations I actually need for SE Asia. Having grown up there, I would’ve thought that I’d either be immune by now, or would’ve gotten whatever it is I’m trying to protect myself against haha!

      Really? No mozzies in KL? Perhaps the government initiatives are finally working after all these years…

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