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  1. Travis

    Glad to hear Airbnb is working out for you! We have started using it (as guests) this trip, and are on our third place so far. All three places have been great, and even a little cheaper for more amenities – it’s so nice to have access to a washing machine and kitchen. Plus it’s a great way to meet people and get advice. We are enjoying it so much that we may even consider renting the spare room in our place when we get back home.

    • Good to hear! Definitely agree with the fact of being able to meet new people. Having now had some experience of hosting, I’m looking forward to being a guest when I’m in NZ.

  2. We did use it to find a short-term place to stay when we first came back to LA (before we secured summer accommodations). Overall, our experience was also very positive – although it helped that we knew the city very well, and the area where we wanted to stay. We’ve considered using it for shorter travel, but haven’t, yet.

    • Mm yes, I’ve only booked accommodation with airbnb in remote places where there didn’t seem to be a lot of other viable options. Hopefully my experiences will be as good as yours!

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