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  • The Guy

    It looks like you certainly made the most of your time in Sydney. The Rocks and the harbour areas are wonderful places. That hotcake with banana and syrup looks yummy.

    • Jules

      Sure did! I’m still dreaming of those hotcakes! :)

  • Rob

    I love foodporn :-) The meals all look amazing! Sounds like you had a real good explore of Sydney. I was there a few years back and didn’t really get a feel for the place. Maybe I should give it a second chance…

    • Jules

      I’m planning to do a food post for Malaysia next so lots more foodporn to come! ;)

  • eemusings (NZMuse)

    Haha. We have plenty of amazing Asian food including LOTS of Malay food (tons of Malaysians in NZ) but it’s basically all in Auckland. Even Wellington is lacking on that front, and as for anywhere further south…

    • Jules

      We did see a number of Thai restaurants on the south island but that was pretty much the extent of Asian food restaurants…