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  1. Erda Traveler

    Thank you Jules, it’s such as value information. I will be there at Mid October and I just wondering where do you get these a group tour for full day? I think I would go on your way since I only have 1 day in Hue before catching my 10pm flight to Saigon.

    • Hi there! I’m glad you found the information useful. I actually went with a tour group that my hostel recommended. You should have no problems finding such tours in Hue. 🙂

  2. christina

    Hi there!
    for the Hue tour that you joined for 12USD, did you just sign up with a tourist counter there when you got there? Is it always available and who do I approach for the tickets? I will probably do a solo but like you I may want to join a tour once I reach just for the convenience of getting around to the tombs:)


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