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  1. Hmm. I don’t think I can fairly say, to be honest. I had such a great time with local couchsurfers in Hanoi (and while we also met up with CSers in Saigon that was very brief – like probably an hour). And as you no doubt know, the people can really make a place so it’s hard for me to separate that out from our experience of the city itself.

    But in trying to be objective … For me, I found Saigon a bit too western. I found it much easier to find genuine street food in Hanoi, whereas we stayed in the backpacker district in Saigon and everything was super touristy (but not bad!) I didn’t really notice any of the other things you pointed out, except a bit of point #5. I did enjoy seeing the locals doing Zumba in the park across the road though! (Your last photo with that schoolkid scene looks straight out of my memories in Hanoi, though).

    I can’t believe you got mugged in Hanoi! Did you blog about that? EEK. That would definitely sour your experience.

    • It’s cool that you get involved with the local couchsurfing community in the cities you visited!

      Yep, got mugged… haven’t written about it yet but yep, was quite bitter about it for a few days after so it definitely affected by view of Hanoi. :/

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