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  1. Agness

    The Rice Terraces look amazing. I’ve recently been to Banaue, the Philippines and did some decent trekking there. Amazing scenery in Sapa and people look so hospitable. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Suzanne

    Hi! May I know how did you come across your local guide? 🙂 I am an interested female in trekking sapa and conquering Mount Fansipan!

    • Hi Suzanne! I went with the Sapa Sisters, a local trekking company that it fully owned by the local Hmong tribe. I can also give you the name and contact details of a private guide whom you can contact directly if you are interested?

  3. “Hi, I’m Jules and I have recently quit my corporate job to go for an extended period of solo travel in search of some adventure. ”

    I always wonder how can I quit my corporate job and travelling around the world for quite long time…, aren’t we need some fixed income for living? How could somebody do that?

    And if I could, unluckily i am Indonesian so it is not easy to cross border because I will need visa to enter most of the country in the world. Sigh.

    Anyway thanks for the post. I cam here to read about Sapa. I’m planning to go there on December

  4. Roshni Kaur


    I was just wondering if you did the trekking in February…if so would you not recommend it due to the fog?


    • Hi Roshni,

      Apparently the poor weather conditions were not normal this year. It normally isn’t as foggy or snowy!

      If I had the choice, I would probably have waited until spring (more colours and new rice shoots appearing).

  5. I am lying under heated blankets in sapa, listening to the rain and reading your post, not sure whether to wander out or not. It is so nice and warm here, and so cold outside…

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