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  1. Reading this and your Phnom Penh recap I definitely feel like you really got the most out of both places! This sounds really cool – I’m a little envious but know in reality we probably wouldn’t really have enjoyed this. Cambodia was dry and dusty enough from our city hotel rooms – it was definitely a struggle for us in that country. Silly, spoiled Kiwis with our lack of tolerance for heat…

    • I definitely enjoyed Kampot, Kep and Phnom Penh though I agree with you about the dust! It was especially bad whenever I had to take a tuktuk or ride a bicycle.

    • Hi Sarah, I stayed at the Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort and would definitely recommend them. It’s not in the centre of Kampot, but in my opinion, was much nicer!

  2. María José Reichenbach

    Thank you for sharing this information. Do you remember the name of the eco-hotel you stayed at? And also, donyou know what is the best way to get from Phnom Penh to Kampot and from Kampot to Siem Reap?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Maria

      I stayed at the Ganesha Kampot Eco Guesthouse, a little out of the centre of town. Hmm, I’d say the best way is by bus. I went with the small, modern air conditioned minibus which I’d recommend! I unfortunately can’t remember the name, but a bit of google-ing should provide you with the bus company. 🙂

  3. Ashleigh

    How many days did you spend doing kempot and kep?

    I have 6 days to fill and trying to decide what bits of cambodia and/or Thailand to fit in.

    I will be in Siem reap ready to move onward early morning on 28th.. and fly out of Bangkok at 9pm on 3rd .. so I have 28,29,30,1,2,3 to fill …

    Love you phnom phen in a day post!

    • Hey Ashleigh! Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

      I spent 3 days in Kampot and Kep. If you want to do some hiking, you can spend 4 days there easy. I think it’s fairly easy to fill 6 days in the region though, as there were some other villages nearby I wanted to check out but didn’t have the time for (if memory serves me correctly!).

      Do let me know how you get on though, and what you decide to do!

      • Ashleigh

        Thank you so much for replying! I am totally lost. haha. So essentially.. I am doing a trip with a company called Bamboo… If you are willing to help I would be so appreciative. Here is what I have..

        Day 1: Arrive early morning to Bangkok, free day
        Day 2: Bangkok tour: Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Floating market
        Day 3: Transfer to Surin, settle/check out the area
        Day 4: transfer to elaphant country (I will be doing a project there)
        Day 5-8: Elephant project
        Day 9: Transfer to Cambodia/ Siam Reap
        Day 10: Angkor Wat day tour : tuk tuk and siteseeing around temples
        Day 11-14: Project with local community
        Day 15: ?? (Will wake up in siam reap…. then? )
        Day 16: ??
        Day 17: ??
        Day 18: ??
        Day 19: ??
        Day 20: ?? (Fly either from Phnom Phen or Bangkok in the evening)

        The possibilities list for location:

        – Cambodia – essential from your recommendations.. Phnom Phen in a day, and Kampot/Kep

        – Chaing Mai – obvious various things to do there .. also possibly 1 day to hike to the top of Doi Inthanon

        – Thai Islands (Koh Samui or Koh Lanta were recommended though Koh Samui seems easier transport wise (1 hr compared to 3) — or full moon party?

        – Bangkok (if any more time is needed but would have already had one free day and the day tour here.

        Any thoughts? Obviously it will come down to me choosing what to do — but I just want to ensure I maximise time but don’t ruin the trip by unrealistically jumping between locations, thus spending everyday travelling but not staying put long enough to do anytihng. Also, would hate to do something poorly trying to cram it into a day or two, when it would have been time to do something else justice. Make sense?

        I will be solo so not looking for a party scene – just experiencing the culture, seeing the beauty, maybe a little relaxing at least one day (but suppose worst case you could get a massage somewhere)

        Any tips, thoughts, advice… please share. =)

        • O wow, how exciting! These are just my personal preferences but I’d say:
          – give a return trip to Bangkok a miss and spend time outside of big cities
          – having already spent time seeing the biggest and best temple in Angkor Wat, do you then want to spend another day seeing temples in Phnom Penh if you only have a short amount of time? Maybe better to head out to Kampot and Kep countryside?
          – I don’t know if you’ll have enough time to then do Chiangmai and the islands, so if I had to choose, I’d say Chiangmai. Islands are islands (nothing overly special) unless you’re into diving or maybe just want to chill and not sightsee after your hectic projects.

          What do you think?

      • Ashleigh

        Hi =)
        So you stayed 2 nights in Kampot at the eco-hut.. and so how did the country tour to Kep fit in? Was it just a one day ride down to Kep and back?

        I am thinking maybe just doing 1 day Phnom Phen and then focusing more on Kep (rather than too much of Kampot) .. so didnt know if it could condense to 2 days and still be worth while. Also if you thought still best to stay in Kampot at your location and do a day trip to kep and back..

        • Hey Ashleigh

          Yep Kep was an all day trip, very doable. By my understanding at that time, Kep is smaller, with less to do, but lovely. Don’t think you can go wrong staying in Kampot or Kep IMO. 😊

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