1. Taylor

    I was in Pai a few years ago and ended up staying 2 weeks. After 6 months managing a bar in Vang Vieng, this was just what I needed. I just wanted to make a note on the the sushi for anyone else who reads this. I ate some almost every night. And had it 5 nights in a row at one point. It was delicious, perfectly executed and I never got sick. Heads up!

  2. Hi Jules
    Just stumbled over this blogpost, liked it a lot.
    What I would like to know: What time of the year have you been to Pai?
    I expected to see lots of green rice fields and such, but on your pictures, everything looks very dry 🙂
    Thanks for letting me know
    Best wishes

    • Hey Lukas, thanks for your comment! I wrote this post whilst I was there, so it would’ve been in March. Don’t think it rained once whilst I was there. I think there would’ve been more rain in the next couple of months, so things would’ve been less dry then.

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