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  1. Leigha

    Hey Jules,

    Great post, thanks for the tips!

    I am a solo female traveller as well and would like to know which tuk tuk driver you hired? For safety concern.

    And is it worth it to see the sunrise and sunset?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Leigha

      I’m glad you found the post useful! I unfortunately do not have the contact details of the tuktuk driver I used – I went with one that was recommended by my hostel.

      Hmmm… the sunrise and sunset provided amazing views (of course), but you do have to be prepared to share it with ridiculous numbers of tourists who will, no doubt, spoil the natural, calm ambience that you might perhaps be expecting.

      I would therefore say that it all depends on how high your tolerance is for mass numbers of tourists!

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