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  1. Hey thanks for this post! I too have been living in the UK pretty much my whole life and never stepped foot in Scotland. Disgraceful right?! After intensely travelling to and living in other parts of the world, I decided now to explore what’s just round the corner. So I’m planning a road trip from London to Edinburgh soon, and almost everything in this post covers a lot of what I want to see in Edinburgh. This post has really given me a lot of insight for my upcoming trip! I really like your pic of the blooming flowers along Royal Mile. The flowers look really pretty! I sure will be browsing through some more of your posts! Do let me know if you have any other recommendations whilst up north 🙂

    Feel free to come visit my blog sometime!

    Elles xoxo

  2. Wallace P

    Hey Jules! Nice blog you have there and thanks for your post which i managed to plan for my Edinburgh trip this year end! Do you have any advice on anything to do at night at Edinburgh?


    • Hey Wallace! Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you found my post handy. 🙂 I’m afraid that I can’t help you much there, as I don’t tend to go out in the evening beyond having dinner!

      Will you be going during New Year’s Eve? If so, I’m sure there’ll be lots to do then! 🙂

      • Wallace P

        Hi Jules! Thanks for replying! 🙂

        Opps sorry! I will be at Edinburgh in early Jan! Sorry got the dates mixed up with other destination! Haha.. The meal you had at Peter’s Yard looks really awesome! Do they serve during dinner time? Would wanna try that out!

        Plan to visit the Arthur’s Seat too! Do you mind to share where did you exactly start and end? I read that you started at Holyrood and ended at Royal Mile.


        • No worries Wallace!

          Hmm, no, as far as I remember, Peter’s Yard was very much a breakfast / coffee bar establishment, so I’d be surprised if they offer dinner. 🙂

          Yess! Definitely a great idea to go visit Arthur’s Seat. I think I started and ended in the same place, which was basically via the path next to Holyrood Abbey. I effectively did a big walk around the park. 🙂

          Hope this helps!

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