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  1. being a travel blogger, internet is essential! it’s also the only way to let all your friends and family at home know you’re alright. I love solo travel too! I thought I would be the awkward girl sitting in the corner the first time I traveled alone, and I ended up making so many friends! Great list!

  2. Constance

    Actually, staying in private rooms at hostels can save you a lot of money. When my husband and I went to the Rocky Mountains in Canada a couple of years ago, we stayed in one. It is A LOT cheaper than a hotel, you still have access to the kitchen, and get to hang out with fellow travelers! And I agree with you – walking long distances is the best way to explore an area!!

    • Interesting, my experience has been the opposite – cheap hotels/motels have always been cheaper than a hostel private room for two. Granted most of my experience has been in Europe but I’ve also checked prices here and there in a few cities in SE Asia and the States!

  3. My biggest realisation was that I am a lot more adaptable than I thought. I coped a lot better with the different climates, language, surroundings, food, than T did.

    Eating was the biggest change for me. Hardly ate anything while travelling, compared to how I eat at home when I’m working and using my brain.

    Now I’m home my tolerance has totally gone. Dipped into it in Asia, then we went to Europe and the US and got used to our normal standards again. Went to a hostel in Cairns a few weeks ago and was totally skeeved out there even though it was actually quite nice by hostel standards.

    • Well, I definitely eat a lot more now I’m back in London… and putting on weight! Don’t think I use all that much calories when I’m using brain power unfortunately (shame!).

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