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  1. Hi! Thanks for the post, interesting to read! I have had similar thoughts about cruise holidays, but last summer I was traveling on a budget on my own in Russia, Mongolia and China. Once I got to Chongqing (after 1,5 months travelling, having missed my train and lost my luggage) – I put together all my money and bought a ticket to a classy cruise down the Jangtse 😀 And I have to admit, I sort of enjoyed the life on the boat. Getting old I suppose..

    • Hi Milja, thanks for your comment! How amazing – Russia, Mongolia and China! I can totally understand how you’d just want to chill and not have to think about anything for a while after backpacking for 1.5 months! How was your trip?

  2. Chrissy

    I love cruising I’ve been on 6 cruises (I live in FL so there are plenty). It’s an easy to plan week trip as you don’t really have to plan. I also did Alaskan and Hawaiian cruise. I have to say, the only down side to cruise is the onboard food, I rarely eat off the ship as I’m too busy being adventurous and have to get back on the boat. One of the great things about a cruise is you can hit many places and if you Absolutely love a place you can go back. Basically it’s a try before you buy a 10 vacation that you may hate. It’s also great for groups, not recommended for solo travelers.

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